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Pandora - Blender Compositor

Hello all.

I have just gotten Pandora set-up and finally working in my internal 6-node render server.  Once I got it going, it was fantastic!  No more copying etc.  But some things:  first I like others politely request more configurable options such as output format, better output location management, etc.


But this is regarding the compositor.  I recently had a project with some rendered objects composited over a motion-tracked background image sequence.  I used Blender's compositor to composite the scene.  Using F12 works fine, but when I submit via Pandora it only outputs the rendered objects to EXR.  Luckily it kept the alpha channel so I can composite after the render, using Blender or AE.

The question is am I doing something incorrect?  Should Pandora be able to utilize the Blender scenes compositor?  Or is this a limitation with Pandora?


Thanks in advance,


J Breckeen.