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Pandora as Service?


is it possible to run Pandora as a Windows Service?

I'm trying to run Pandora Slave on workstations which are temporarily needed by other users.

The idea is to run it as a Windows Service, like e.g. Backburner can do. So, the workstation wakes up and renders without an active Windows Session. If someone wants to work on the workstation and logs in, the Service will halt and releases the hardware ressources.


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I'm thinking that running it in another user account that auto-logs in might work, but then the person using it would need to log out and back into their own account and that doesn't help with being able to start it up again when you need.

In the Render Handler app, select the computer from the list on the bottom left. Enable "cursorCheck" (and explore the other options as well). cursorCheck means it won't attempt to render anything if someone's using the mouse. The other options like maxCPU, and restPeriod can be used to automate it, like a screensaver.

Another option is to have wake on LAN enabled and use a WOL magic packet app to wake them up when necessary (I'm thinking something like 2am and they're all hibernating because no one's been). Not a promotion, but I've used this WOL in the past (not specifically for rendering though since I have dedicated machines for that now).

WOL / idle shutdown integrated into the system itself would be more useful, eg if a node is required, then it is woken, then shut down once the job is completed. RenderPal has this feature which has saved us a lot of money by shutting down systems which aren't required and firing them up when a job is needed.