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nuke "update selected read nodes" bug

hi there,

could not find anything in the forum, so i might be alone having this little problem...

for some reason the little script does not work correctly, when i select multiple "read-nodes" in press "nuke update selected read nodes", all the nodes will be updated to the first node selected (for example i select first "diffuse", than "spec" and "refl" than all read-nodes will be "diffuse"... )

or is there a way to make a shortcut in nuke for this menu-item? this would speed it up a little...


thanks in advanced



found the problem... its my fault...

i changed your way of reading frame-sequences to "shot_sh02-sh02-A_B_v0003_specular.####.exr"
when i change it back to:


it just works as it should for multiple read-nodes...

sorry for making noise 😉