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Kaspersky Registers the app as a containing a trojan

Exactly as the title says,

After installing, Kaspersky Registers the app as a containing a trojan. and proceeds to roll back the installation.

Thanks for you help


I can assure you this is a false alarm. All the Prism code is open source and the few executables (like python.exe or ffmpeg.exe) are taken from free online available sources and can be replaced without problem.

Which file exactly is Kaspersky complaining about?

I also came across this and here are the steps to fix --

Before installation:

-double click kaspersky tray icon
-settings cog wheel
-additional tab
-threats and exclusions
-manage exclusions
-add button
-file or folder: input box
--directly input C:\Pandora\  -then add
--and directly input C:\Prism\  -then add
-close and attempt to reinstall again

Good luck!