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Houdini - Render with Takes not working

I get an error when using a take with the render export state, saying parameters are locked. Might of course just be me that is doing something wrong here, but just wanted to mention it. Would be great to be able to use takes with prism.

take lock all paramater, and prism see them as locked and cannot 'edit' the rop to setup for submission.

I think a workarroun that worked for me was to enable 'auto-take'


I agree that if prism could have an 'take override' in addition to camera and resolution would be pretty usefull, since rop have a parameter to decide which take to use !

Right, the problem is that all parameters on the ROP are locked in a take. On the geo ROP Prism tries to set the framerange, the outputpath and the initsim checkbox. If these parameters are not included in the current take Prism cannot render this ROP. So you could either add these parameters to the current take or use auto-takes like SciMunk suggested.

Prism doesn't override the selected take on the ROP, so you can set whatever take you want on the ROP. Having the take dropdown in the export state setting might be a little bit more convenient in situations where you need it, but you should have the same functionalities if you set the take on the ROP itself.

What I could do is when Prism tries to set a parameter on a ROP, which is locked, that a dialog pops up and asks you if you want to include it in the current take or if you want to ignore it.

ah I see. How about Prism only sets the settings for the main take no matter which take is active? If I for some reason want to have the new take set the resolution, then there could be a way of disabling the prism setting, like a checkbox.

Usually I leave prism export state to do the basic settings like resolution etc. I usually makes takes for optimising renders like turning of subdivisions and displacement etc - so I would usually not change any of the settings that are exposed in the export state anyways.

Would be possible, but I try to have only settings which are really necessary in the State Manager.

The new Prism version will check if the parameter can be changed and if not it will ask you if you want to include it in the current take. However, if you have many states you will have a lot of these popups so it might be easier to use auto-takes, but at least it doesn't produce an error anymore.

What about using the "Render with take" parameter on a ROP node instead of changing the take in the Houdini UI? Then Prism will set all parameters in the current main take and after that the ROP uses the specified take to render.

Sounds good, thanks for the update and suggestions!