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Houdini integrations

Hi Richard,


For some reason the pandora integration is not installing properly for houdini. I am getting this message (full message is attached) and the buttons dont work in the pandora shelf.



04/08/20 10:11:25 ERROR - Prism_Deadline_Functions

Core: v1.2.1.75
App plugin: Houdini v1.2.1.23


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The errors in that log are from Prism and not Pandora. The reason is that there is a "DEADLINE_PATH" environment variable on your system, but it doesn't contain the `deadlinecommand.exe` . I'll fix that in the next Prism update, but in the meantime you could cleanup that environment variable. I guess it's a leftover after you uninstalled Deadline?

What happens when you click the buttons on the Pandora shelf?


I did just uninstall deadline. My Houdini env is empty though. Where else would the environment variable be?


It says no module named pandora. I attached a screenshot.





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Deadline adds this variable to your windows system, not just the Houdini environment. To remove it use the windows search and search for "edit the system environment variables". If you click on the "Environment Variables.." button then you can see your system environment variables including "DEADLINE_PATH" which you can remove.


The Pandora error looks like the Pandora integration was not added correctly to your Houdini. In your Houdini preferences you should have this file: %userprofile%\Documents\houdini18.0\python2.7libs\ If it's not there then open the Pandora Settings from the windows start menu and add the Prism integration again to the %userprofile%\Documents\houdini18.0 folder.

Thank you. I thought i had added the integration to the right folder but i guess not!