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Got it rendering. But with errors.

Hi Richard,

We got pandora up and running. Though we found some errors still. In the coordinator warnings we get a lot of :
- WARNING -- master houJob script does not exist
- WARNING -- master Slave script does not exist
- Cannot read the following file path\slaveSettings_Bogota2.json (it s in this location)
- Job config does not exist for job: ynnjsqvqir (Bogota2)
- Error - jobsettings don't exist ygunfitusx (Odin)(Loki)(MN-001)(Thor)
- Cannot read following file path\slaveSettings_MN-001.json

This is probably one of the reasons why tasks get assigned to resting slaves.

Is there a way to set which slave needs to render which task.

The different render slaves have warnings too.:

  • Warning - JobConfig does not exist ygunfitusx
  • stderr -
  • 1
  • 2

Can't make anyting out of the last 3.

I have to say that you have made pretty cool render manager! Love the looks and what it promisses. We just need a few tweaks i think. Could you help us?

With kind regards,

Dennis Teusink

Does anyone have any idea?
We keep getting popups with warnings like:

Cannot read the following file:
Do you want to delete the corrupt file?

If i click delete file it returns following message.

Could not delete file:

[WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified: 'Q:\\BlahBlah\\Root\\Workstations\\Logs\\Coordinator\\Coordinator_Warnings_DenHelder.json'

Weird double slahes.

But when i click open file it DOES open the file.
In the file we see warnings also with double slashed paths.

Again, any ideas.