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Does Pandora only work with licensed copies of maya?

This sound like a dumb question.... DUH!... of course!..... but... either Deadline or Backburner let me use unlicensed installations of Maya as render slaves without screaming for help or spoiling the renderings with a watermark as Pandora does... Pandora starts asking for a Maya License and when after a while it doesnt find one, it renders with a Watermark... When we bought Maya, we talked to Autodesk about net rendering and they told us we had 5 net rendering licenses for every workstation license we had, so we have an average of 30 net rendering licenses that should work without problemn (and have always worked before with previous net rendering rigs). Now, i havent been able to make any NON WORKSTATION license of maya render without a watermark with Pandora... is there something i havent done or is there something i am doing wrong?... Thanks in advance.