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Can´t uninstall it

I tried everything but no success. Also the .bat file that comes together...


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This error is fixed in Pandora 1.0.2. So you could install v1.0.2 to overwrite v1.0.1 (and then uninstall it if you want).

Or you can uninstall it manually. All the uninstaller does is removing the start menu entries and the Pandora integrations in your 3d apps. So to uninstall Pandora manually you can remove all the Pandora integrations from the DCC apps tab in the Pandora Settings and then simply delete the Pandora folder (and the start menu entries).

Hey. I've been trying to get Pandora to work on my local network. I installed in on two machines and it worked like a charm. Then i tried to roll it out to all of our machines and it got really buggy.

Then i wanted to uninstall the program so i could reinstall in again. But with a different path. But it seems like it remembers my previous settings. So i'm afraid that it have not uninstalled completely. Are there any files that i have to delete someone to completely clear the memory?

Thanks in advance.


The uninstallation removes all the Pandora scripts, integrations and so on, but it doesn't delete the user preferences. They are stored in your documents folder e.g. C:\Users\richa\Documents\Pandora\Pandora.json You can delete this folder and then you will have default Pandora settings the next time you install it.

If you also want to delete all jobs, which were submitted to Pandora you also have to delete the repository, which is by default in this location: C:\Users\richa\Documents\PandoraRepository