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Cant start Prism since updating to


Unfortunately, Prism doesn't really work at all anymore since I've updated to the newest version yesterday. Once you start PrismTray.exe, there is no icon appearing in the toolbar, also I can't open any of the Prism UI windows. Something seems to be happening since in the Task Manager a Python Task with the Prism logo appears. Also, Maya, Houdini and other software packages won't open looking for an attribute called "AppData". I have included the Houdini Console screenshot below. I am still using Maya 2020 and Houdini 17.5. Since they still are using Python 2.7 and the newest Prism Version upgraded to Python 3. It's just a guess but maybe that has something to do with it?

I am looking forward to any clue helping me out :)! Really love the tool!


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Just have to try around enough. I solved it. Just deleted the Prism folder in documents, the on in C://Prism, as well as all integrations manually. Then reinstalled it. Seems to work now!