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Blender Multi Layered .exr

Hi Richard,

I was not able to find a way to save multiple render passes (e.g. beauty pass, vector pass etc.) in one single multilayered .exr file, even though this kid of output is properly set up inside blender. Is there a way to enable this output in Pandora or do I have to render each individual pass by setting up different render jobs?

Thank you so much for your amazing work – this software makes life so much easier!




currently it is not possible to render multilayer exr files with Pandora. Pandora sets the output format to the normal .exr format in Blender. You can change that in this script if you have some Python knowledge: C:\Pandora\Plugins\Apps\Blender\Scripts\

But even if you use normal exrs you can render multiple passes with one job (each pass will be a different file). You need to enable nodes for the image output. It works the same as in Prism. You can check out the part about the renderpasses here:

Let me know if this is still unclear.