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Arnold Maya 2017/18

Hi Richard, I hope this finds you well,

I am wondering if  Pandora and Prism-Pipeline work with Arnold render engine for Maya 2017/18.

Since I am using Maya Student Version, I wonder if it will work using "Render Sequence" method rather than "Batch Render" which creates the water marks on the renders.

Best Regards,

Eduardo Rodrigues


Hey Eduardo,

Prism and Pandora work both with Arnold.

Pandora starts Maya from the command line and Arnold will render in batch mode. So without an Arnold license you will get watermarks in your renderings. As far as I know the "Render Sequence" command is only available from the Maya user interface. When starting Maya from the command line it will always render in batch mode.

With Prism you can render Arnold sequences without watermarks in your active Maya window. Prism doesn't use the new "Render Sequence" command, but internally it executes the rendering frame by frame, so the result is the same as the "Render Sequence" command.

Hi Richard,

After having submitted a job through Pandora, the Renders came out with Arnold Water Marks (because I don't have a license, of course)

I used Prism to submit a Job to Pandora, but still, the watermarks showed up in the renders.

I have also created an ImageRender State in Prism without sending it to Pandora and after publishing, it opened Maya Render window and it did not render any images at all.

I wonder if there is another solution

Best Regards,

Eduardo Rodrigues



It doesn't matter if you submit the Pandora job through Prism or with the Pandora submitter tool, Pandora will always render with Arnold watermarks if you don't have a license.

When you Publish the ImageRender state, without submitting a job, the frames should be rendered in the Render window, which opens automatically. Do see any error message (maybe printed in the script editor) or anything, that could give more information why the images don't render? What's the exact Maya version you are using?

It works now. Publishing the ImageRender state the frames are rendered without watermarks.

It was my fault as the project folder which I was working on was on a different path, therefore the conflict.

Is there a way which I can still render farm using Prism without having to submit jobs to Pandora?
In other words... is it possible to create a render farm without an Arnold Licence?

A recent problem that I have encountered is that the Option to Submit Jobs to Pandora in the Prism Shelf, has disappeared. Any solution?

Best Regards,

Eduardo Rodrigues


No I don't think it's possible to create a renderfarm without arnold licenses. That's the main point of the Arnold licenses, it's free for rendering small projects on a single machine, but if you are working in a bigger team in a company with a renderfarm, Autodesk wants you to pay for the license.

I guess it would be possible to build a renderfarm manager, which launches Maya in GUI mode and a startup script, which load a renderjob scene and renders it. But Pandora doesn't support this and I don't think that a renderfarm manager exists, which does that, since it's more efficient to render from the command line (if you have a license).

The Pandora submitter, which was on the Prism shelf in previous versions is now on a separate Pandora shelf.

Yes, thats what I thought.

I really appreciate your support in this last days. Pandora and Prism Pipeline are definitely amazing! It really makes life easier to work on big projects.

Well done Richard! you must be proud of yourself.

I will keep using them and recommending to other people.

Best Regards

Eduardo Rodrigues

Thanks Eduardo, the more people are using Prism, the more active the development will be and that would benefit every Prism/Pandora user 🙂