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A USD Pipeline for Artists - Prism 2.0 First Look

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A few days ago we presented a first look at Prism 2.0 and it's USD integration at the FMX 2021 conference.
If you didn't have the chance to attend the conference we have some good news for you. The recording of this presentation is now available on the new Prism Pipeline vimeo channel.

Besides the USD workflow you can also check out the new ZBrush and Substance Painter integrations.

Prism 2.0 is currently in development and will go into beta in the next weeks. If you want to join the beta please get in touch:

Make sure to subscribe to the new Prism Pipeline vimeo channel, because all future Prism videos will be published on that channel.

Congratz !

Thanks for sharing!

That's awesome news!!!

Great news, thanks for sharing the presentation!

Looks great Richard, really excited about the zbrush and substance integration.

Wow this is looking incredible! Great stuff 🙂

Hi !

Is the mail working ?

I did not get any response


You should have received a mail now @3d

Sometimes it can can take a day or two until you get a reply if there is a lot going on at that time.

Hey Richard,
Congratulation ! Prism 2.0 looks amazing and presentation was great !
I'm looking forward to it.

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