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3ds max vray seperate render elements

Hi. I'm testing to integrate Prism in my workflow but I bumped into a problem. When I use the State Manager to render out a frame using 3ds Max 2018 and Vray 3.6 the render elements don't get saved into the proper folder that Prism created. Not local or when I submit to Deadline 9. They are saved in the folder that has been assigned in the Frame Buffer's seperate render channel box. How do I get the Render elements to work properly for Prism?

Please let me know and thanks in advance!

When the VRay frame buffer is enabled, it will override the outputpath of all the render elements. Prism sets the path in the Render Elements tab, but this path is ignored in this case. That's why you should see a warning when you publish and the VFB is enabled. Is there a reason, why you need the VFB when you render on Deadline or could you disable the VFB just before the publish?

Thank you for your reply! I haven't considered using the regular frame buffer. Something to try out. Thanks!!