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How to Reference .ma files

Hello! I just started digging into Prism for a project I'm working on. I've seen a topic or two mentioning using Prism (possibly the state manager) to reference in maya, and I was wondering if I could get help as to if that's possible? If so, where can I find that? I don't see anything pertaining to making a reference within the state manager and the Prism UI itself. Thank you.

Hello @raphael,

to do that you need to export some objects using the State Manager as .ma files. The .ma file will then be visible in the "Products" tab in the Project Browser. This file can be referenced into other scenefiles using the State Manager then.

Thank you so much. I definitely got confused after reading a few topics and only seeing "import" in the state manager. Worked perfect. Again, I appreciate the help.

nice post