Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prism used for?

Prism is a pipeline focussed on VFX and animation projects. It helps to organize the projects and simplifies the workflow.

Even if you are working on a different kind of project (like game or print) Prism can help you with that. You can decide, which features you want to use and which are not relevant in your current project. Check out the the features page and the tutorials page for more information about the functionalities of Prism.

Is Prism for individual persons or for teams?


Wether you are working alone or in a team you can benefit from Prism and use it in almost the same way.

When you need to work from multiple PCs on the same Project, there is a feature, which allows you to save your files on your local PC and only save relevant files on a network location/cloud. Check out the tutorial on project creation for more information about that.

Which skills/experiences are needed in order to install and use Prism?

Unlike many other pipeline tools, Prism doesn’t require any technical scripting knowledge.

The installation, project creation and the use of Prism is completly accessable through intuitive user interfaces and doesn’t require you to write a single line of code.

After watching the basic tutorial videos for Prism everyone should be able to work with Prism. Some basic cg terms like ‘playblast’ or ‘rendering’ should not sound strange to you, but more than that you don’t need.

If you have scripting skills and want to customize or add new features, you can do so by editing any script that comes with Prism. Contact me if you have any questions on that.

Which software prerequisites are required on the PC, where I want to install Prism?

Prism requires no additional software to be installed.

Even if you have no supported DCC (like Houdini, Maya…) installed, you can still use the standalone tools to create shots or review renderings.

Which software packages are supported by Prism?

Prism currently supports:

Houdini (16.0-17.0)
Maya (2016-2018)
3ds Max (2017-2019)
Blender (2.79)
Nuke (10-11)
Natron (2.3)
Fusion (9.02)
Photoshop (CS6-CC)

Other software versions may work, but are untested and maybe instable.

Some other external tools, which can be used with Prism (but are not required):

Media Player: RV, DJV, VLC
RenderManager: Deadline, Pandora
Tracking: Shotgun

Support for different software packages is possible in the future. Contact me, when you have a request for a specific software.

For additional questions write a mail to: