The Launcher allows artists to open DCCs and other tools with pre-configured environment variables.

This can be used manage which plugins should be loaded in the DCC or which versions of a DCC is available in a specific project.

Additionally websites can be linked, for example to provide quick access to internal documentation.

Centralizing the Launcher config

The PRISM_LAUNCHER_CONFIG environment variable can be used to define where the launcher configuration will be saved. It should be set to the full filepath of a .json file. This makes it possible to have a central Launcher config and changes to it will be visible to every user in the project. The variable can also be defined as a project environment variable in order to use a different Launcher config for different projects.

Launching a DCC in a specific environment from the Project Browser

After an app is setup in the Launcher, it can be used to launch DCCs from the Project Browser.

In the Prism User Settings in the “DCC apps” tab you can enable the executable override for your DCC. There you can use a string with this pattern:


For example like this if you have an app in the launcher named Houdini FX with a version named

launcher:Houdini FX:

The version is optional, so you can also use this:

launcher:Houdini FX