3ds Max

This plugin integrates Prism into Autodesk 3ds Max.

Supported 3ds Max versions: 2021+ (Python 3)


The plugin can be installed from the Prism Hub. After the plugin is installed, the Prism integration needs to be added to the 3ds Max preferences folder. This can be done in the Prism User Settings -> “DCCs apps”.

This is the path, which should be selected for the integration (with different version numbers possible): “%LOCALAPPDATA%Autodesk3dsMax2023 - 64bit”

Accessing Prism in 3ds Max

Prism is available inside 3ds Max from the “Prism” menu in the main menu bar.

The menu contains options to:

  • save and version up your scene

  • save, version up your scene and add a description/thumbnail

  • open the Project Browser

  • open the State Manager to import/export files

  • open the Prism Settings