Getting Started


Download the Prism installer from here and execute it.

Click the “Start Setup” button and accept the license agreement on the next page:


Set the path where you want to install Prism. If there are existing Prism preferences found on your computer, you have to option to delete the preferences to perform a clean installation.


After the installation is complete you can launch Prism from the installer or the desktop shortcut.

Installing plugins

After Prism is installed you can install plugins from the Prism Hub to integrate Prism into your DCCs.

When you launch Prism for the first time you will be presented with a welcome screen from where you can open the Prism Hub.


In the Hub you can download and install any plugins you like.


After installing certain plugins, a window will popup, which will configure the Prism integration for that plugin.

Alternatively you can add or remove Prism integrations from the “DCC apps” tab in the Prism User Settings.

Create a project

Return to the welcome screen, where you have an option to create a new project.


In the “Create Project” window set a name and a path for your new project.
You can customize the project settings if you like and then click “Create”.


The project gets created and you can open the Project Browser to continue with the next steps.

Create assets and shots

Double click in the empty area in the “Asset” or “Shot” list or use the context menu to create your first assets and shots.

../_images/CreateAsset.jpg ../_images/CreateShot.jpg

Create departments

Select an asset/shot and double click in the departments list to create new departments.


Create tasks

Select a department and double click in the task list to create new tasks.


Create scenefiles

Select a task and rightlick in the “Files” list.
Create a new version from a preset scene and double click it to open the version a DCC.

Export, Import and Render

Exporting, importing and rendering can be managed using the Prism “State Manager” tool.

The State Manager can be opened from the Prism menu inside of a DCC.
Refer to plugin specific documentation for more details.